Learn About Tribeca

Tribeca extends south of Canal Street, down to Barclay Street, between Broadway and the Hudson River. Tribeca is home to an impressive number of high-end restaurants and chic clubs. Robert DeNiro, perhaps its most famous resident, runs his Tribeca Productions film company from the heart of the neighborhood. Like its northern neighbor Soho, Tribeca is no stranger to art galleries and upscale clothing boutiques. A beautiful, wealthy neighborhood, with fewer crowds than some of the surrounding areas.

Tribeca, which stands for “Triangle Below Canal Street,” was among the first residential neighborhoods developed in lower Manhattan, desired for its proximity to the Hudson River and its shipping piers. By the 1960s, Tribeca's industrial base had all but vanished, and since the 1980s, large scale conversion has transformed Tribeca into an upscale residential/commercial area.

Today, Tribeca is one of America's most fashionable and desirable neighborhoods. Tribeca is also known for its famous annual spring film festival – established in 2002 by its most notable in habitant, Robert DeNiro. Celebrity residents, low crime, great schools, well-planned waterfront access, and light-filled, luxury loft-type apartments/offices in painstakingly rehabbed industrial buildings also characterize Tribeca. Because of its proximity to the River as well as the West Village and SoHo, most denizens choose to walk. But numerous subway lines also serve the neighborhood when they want to travel out of the city – they certainly won’t find another quieter place inside. In 2006 Forbes magazine – the Bible of business news – ranked Tribeca’s 10013 zip code as New York’s most exclusive area of real estate.


Like its restaurants and stores, Tribeca's bars draw a chic, upscale crowd. This is where the city's movers and shakers come to relax. If it's more refined entertainment you want, the area has a respectable number of off-Broadway playhouses, the Tribeca Performing Arts Center, and the ever more popular annual Tribeca Film Festival. Or, head to the Knitting Factory on any given night to check out.

Great Outdoors

While it may not have a major park, Tribeca boasts a good stretch of waterfront, including an exercise path that attracts runners, bikers and dog walkers in equal measure.



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